My name is Thomas Gölles but everybody calls me “Thomy”. I’m currently living in Graz, Austria. I work as a SharePoint Consultant at Solvion in Graz and this blog is about the experience and thoughts I have around SharePoint and the technology around it. I used to be a cool developer once upon a time but after some years my manager thought it could be a nice idea to give me some projects to manage. Today my day to day routine is about managing projects, facilitate workshops and support my colleagues in the pre-sales area. I left the hardcore dev mindset and learned a lot about communications and workshop techniques. I still get asked some questions around infrastructure and architecture of a SharePoint farm. And I still love the technical side of the card but it was time to flip the card over and fill the empty backside with some soft skills. At the moment I think there is some information and experience ready to share with the community and that’s the main reason for this blog.
On the private side I’m a real football fan. Football guys, is the sport played without a helmet! I’m a lifelong supporter of a local football team called Grazer AK. I know this causes some laughter as the team isn’t really on top in the moment but who cares? 😉 I used to play football by myself and also worked as a coach for a couple of youth teams.

My second big hobby is triathlon. I started training a few years ago and I still enjoy it. I did some smaller races in the local area before participating in Ironman Austria and Arizona. Currently there is another Ironman race on the schedule just to be sure life won’t get boring.